How to Pack Individual Serialized Items into a Container in Non WMS Organization

 In General all the Warehouse Management System (WMS) Enabled Organizations Can Use License Plate Numbers (LPN) Created Within a Container Item can Consolidate Loose Material(Store and Transact).

But a Non WMS Organization Cannot have LPN based Storage or Transaction. But it is possible to Pack a Loose Material for Shipment in Non WMS Organization 

Let us Re Cap Some Basics about LPN.

A LPN Based Transaction Contains Two Items.

1.The Container (A Physical Tray or Box or May Not be a Physical Item)
2.The Contained (Physical Items Which are Actually the Intended Finished/Semi finished or Raw Goods)

Setups to be Done 
1.Create Container Type.
1. Create a Container Item.
2.Create Contained Items.
3.Setup Container Item Relationship.

Let us Consider a Simple Scenario (one Contained item in a Container Item)where a Electronic Goods are Shipped.

A Carton Box is a Container Item.

A Mobile Computer(Tablet) is a Contained Item. 

Create Container Type:

Navigation Inventory---> Setup--- > Items--- > Container Types


Create a Container Item

Navigation Inventory--->Items ---> Master Items --->

In the Physical Attributes Tab, Ensure the Item is Enabled as Container Item and Relevant Container Type is Entered.

In the Order Management Tab Ensure Shippable and OE Transactable  Flag is Set to Y


Create Contained Item

Navigation Inventory--->Items ---> Master Items 


Create Item Container Relationship

Navigation  Order Management--->Setup--->Shipping--->Container Load Details

Now item of Vision Pad SX- Mobile Computer will be Packed in Each CARTON_BOX

Create Sales Order for Vision Pad Sx

Now Pick Release the Order 

Generate LPN


Pack the Items

Transact the Move Order ---> Line Status Should be "Staged/Pick Confirmed" and Next step Should be "Ship Confirm/Close Trip Stop"




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