Oracle Inventory Shortage Parameters

Shortage Parameters enable the system to send material shortage alerts and shortage notifications when a material shortage occurs in an organization.

A material shortage occurs whenever unsatisfied demand exceeds available quantity for incoming supply of material.

Oracle Inventory checks, during a receipt transaction, to see if the material received is needed elsewhere in the organization. If a shortage exists, the system notifies you, either by a real-time, material shortage alert or a workflow-based notification. 

Forms that generate Shortage Notifications

 The following receipt transaction forms generate shortage alerts and notifications when receiving items for which the system has detected a shortage.
  • Receipts
  • Receiving Transactions
  • Miscellaneous Transactions
  • WIP Material Transactions
  • WIP Completions
  • Work-Orderless Completions
The shortage alert appears in the window during the transaction. It gives you the option to go to the View Potential Shortages form, which shows where demand exists in the organization.
Notifications are sent to pre-specified individuals.

 Source of Demand Considered While Generating Shortage Alerts

 in generating shortage alerts and notifications, the system considers the following to be sources of demand:



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