Unable to View Move Orders Created By Other Users - Oracle Inventory

Reason :

In the Move Orders form (INVTOMAI), when using the Find function, the Created By field cannot be changed. For this reason, move orders from other users cannot be queried.


A. Define the INV_INVTOMAI_CREATOR function if is does not already exist:
  1. Navigate: System Administrator > Application > Function
  2. Enter Function Name: INV_INVTOMAI_CREATOR
  3. Enter User Function Name: 'Move Orders Creator'
  4. Under the Properties tab, enter Type: Subfunction
  5. Enter Maintenance Mode support: None
  6. Enter Context Dependence: Responsibility
  7. Save
B. Assign the function to the Menu you are using:
  1. Navigate System Administrator > Application > Menu
  2. Query for menu 'INV_MOVE_ORDER'
  3. Add a new line to the menu:
    Prompt: 'Move Order Creator'
    Function: select 'Move Orders Creator' from the LOV
    Description: 'Move Orders Creator'
  4. Save
The Created By field in the Move Order find form should now be enabled and modifiable. 

Note: Please Logout and Login to apps for the Changes to take Effect.