Oracle Inventory Move Orders

The move order was first introduced in 11i and are formal request to transfer material within same inventory organization.

There are Four types of move orders

  • Requisition Move Order
  • Replenishment Move Orders
  • Pick Wave Move Orders
  • WIP Issue Move Orders
Requisition move orders are manually created by users. You can set approval conditions for it at organization parameters like move order timeout period and move order time out action. if these conditions are set then unless it is approved by planner you can not transact it. You can allocate material before transacting the move order

Replenishment move order is auto generated move order from inventory replenishment methods like Min Max planning, Kanan replenishment etc. These move orders are preapproved and generated when material is sourced from another sub-inventory for same inventory organization

Pick Wave move orders are generated in Order management application. Pick release process generates the pick wave move order to move material from source to staging sub inventory. This is also an pre approved move order.

 WIP Issue Move Orders are automatically generated for backflush transfer and component issue transactions in pre approved status.

How to Automate the Approval of Move Order Requisition:

Move Order Approval Can be Automated by Setting the Organization Parameter Values as Below.

Move Order TIme Out Period - 0
Move Order Time Out Action - Approve Automatically

Tables That Store Move Order Details


Profile Option Affecting Move Order Processing

TP:INV Move Order Transact Form 

This Profile Option allows the Move Order transaction mode to be set as Online, Background or Concurrent Request.