Oracle EBS Latest Support Schedule 2017

With the Fast Innovations and Quick Version Upgrades, it might not Easy to Support all older Version of any Software. 

 As Oracle EBS Has Evolved More Faster, with the Latest Release being R12.2.6 on September 2016, Oracle Has Provided and Release and Support Roadmap for EBS.


Oracle is working on a big upgrade to its e-business suite in 2019. Or maybe 2020.

The roadmap to version 12.3 and long support plan are designed to give the Customers more comfort that the suite has a future .

 Oracle wants to build more migration tools to help users of the suite move into the cloud, but not as a lift-and-shift. Instead he said Oracle hopes users can move test and development or disaster recovery rigs into the cloud, while retaining integration with on-premises production systems .

Disclaimer: Some of the Part are originally Published in Major Tech Blogs and Websites which are Reproduced Here only to Give an Overall  Picture.