Oracle Applications- Enabling Cancel Query option for EBS Forms

In Large organizations where there are a large number of Master/Transaction Datas, Forms tend to be Slower due to Data base Query running on background.

Some times when we query form with higher data results in form hangs and leaves us with option to wait until the background process is completed to show the data.

sometimes in transaction/master form when we execute a Wrong query, that leaves us to wait until the data is shown to modify or cancel the Query.

Oracle apps allows end users to cancel long Running Queries, when these operation exceed a threshold of time. A dialog box will display that ask/allow to cancel the query.

To Enable this option Set the Profile option FND:Enable Cancel Query as Yes 

This Profile option can be set at Site, Application ,Responsibility and User Level

By Setting this profile option to yes, It will Pop a Button and ask for Pressing the Button to cancel the Query


This Solution May not be Applicable in all the oracle apps form, but certainly works in almost all seeded forms.

Item Master Form with Large Data Asking for Cancelling the Database Query Action.