Form Personalization in Oracle Apps Step By Step Guide With Examples

First Step in Form Personalization is to Identify the Block and Field Names of the Form Which Needs to be Customized.

To Identify the Block and Field Names, Open the Required Form, Navigate to Help--> Diagnostics-->Examine

How to Make a Field in Oracle Form Mandatory Using Form Personalization:

In this Example We are Going to Make the Description Field in Location Form Mandatory.

So First Identify the Block and Field Name

Open the Form Personalization Screen - Navigation: Help-->Diagnostic-->Custom Code-->Personalize


Enter the Sequence and Description in Rule Section



Select Appropriate Context Level. Here i Have Used "RESPONSIBILITY"  With Value "Inventory, Vision Operations (USA)"

So Whenever a User Enters the Form with Menu in Resp "Inventory, Vision Operations (USA)", the Description Field Will be Mandatory.


Go to Actions Section

object Type as Item

Target Object : The Field Which has to be Customized. In Our Case LOC.DESCRIPTION

Property Name:Required


Save the Form. Logout of the Application and Login again to Validate the Customization.

From Responsibility Vision operations USA, Description Field is Mandatory


From Responsibility Purchasing Vision operations, Description is Non Mandatory


To Launch a URL

Change the Action Type as  Builtin.

Add Builtin Type as Launch a URL

in the Argument field add the Required web address

Save the Form


To Launch a Standard Request Submission(Concurrent) Form  

Change the Action Type as  Builtin.

Add Builtin Type as Launch SRS Form

Add Program Name.(Concurrent Which has to be Launched)