Associating Attribute Groups with an Item Catalog Category

Attributes are details that further define the item and specify the item's behavior. For example, Physical item attributes identify the size, shape, and color of an item.

Attribute groups represent the logical grouping of similar item attributes. They collect characteristics (attributes) that can be used to record specifications or represent the properties of an item belonging to an item catalog category. 

Attribute groups can be associated with an item catalog category at the item or item revision levels, thereby determining whether attribute values change over revisions.

Navigation:Development Manager--->Setup--->Setup Workbench--->Catalog Category(Select one)--->Attribute Groups--->Add Attribute Groups

The system automatically adds the attribute group to all business entities eligible for that attribute group. Possible eligible business entities include:
  • Item
  • Item Organization/Store
  • Item Revision
  • Item Supplier
  • Item Supplier Site
  • Item Supplier Site Store