Overview of Oracle Yard Management - Yard Management System

Yard Management System Will help in Sorting out the Warehouse, Distribution Centre into Various Storage Locations, Dock Doors and parking Spaces. 

Further Yard Management System Will Help to Streamline yard operation with real time data of yard equipments and their movement.

Oracle Yard Management, a software product within the E-Business Suite, provides many advantages to help a company maximize the inventory flow in the yard of your manufacturing facility, warehouse, or distribution center.

Using Oracle Yard Management, we can define the entities required for yard operations and capture the transactions happening within the yard in real-time. 

A yard, by default, is an extension of the warehouse, and therefore plays a pivotal role in inventory management. Oracle Yard Management provides visibility into inventory in the yard and the equipment checking into and out of the yard for both inbound and outbound operations. 
Benefits of Oracle Yard Management:

1.Oracle Yard Management provides real-time location and status information about trailers, parking slots, and dock doors.

2.Oracle Yard Management enables Warehouse supervisor to manage yard transactions like yard check-ins, check-outs, sealing and unsealing operations, and trailer movements in the yard.   

3.Manage and send alerts/notifications during yard warehouse operations for check-in and yard move events.

4.Schedule and maintain appointments for incoming and outgoing trailers. 

5.Supports shipping and receiving material from the warehouses through the yard. 

6.Ensures liability tracking by supporting cost and general ledger (GL) accounting for the trailer and its contents.

7.Visibility into Yard Inventory