Oracle E Business Suite Architecture

What is Tier?

A tier is a logical grouping of services, potentially spread across more than one physical machine.

What are the three tiers of Oracle E Business Suite?

Client Tier -provides the user interface via an add-on component to a standard web browser.

Application tier - supports and manages the various Oracle E-Business Suite components, and is sometimes known as the middle tier.

Data Base Tier - supports and manages the Oracle database.

What is the role of application tier in oracle E Business Suite?

Application tier has two roles 

1. Hosting Various Service such as Java, Forms and Concurrent. 

2. Manage Communication between client and database Tier.

What is the role of Database Tier?

Database tier contains the database server that stores and manages all the data managed in E Business suite.

Database server communicates with services or server at application tier. There is no direct communication between database and client tier.

A Simple Architecture Diagram of R12.2 is Given Below.

Image result for oracle ebs architecture diagram