Evolution of ERP

Evolution of ERP Has Started in 1960's when Industrial Revolution after world war II has Lead to Increase the Production and Streamline the activities.

  The Time line of Evolution of ERP softwares are as Below.

First Generation 
  • Managed all INTERNAL business activity.
  • 1960's System for Inventory Control
  • 1970's MRP - Material Requirement Planning
  • 1980's MRP II or Manufacturing Resource Planning
Second Generation
  • Mid 1990's ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning 
  • Late 1990's software integrated supply chains
  • 2000 Onwards ERP II Colloborative Commerce (Extending ERP to External Business Entity)
  • System focused on decision-making
  • Supply chain intelligence capability to collect data through entire supply chain
  • Application Service Provider Suppliers Setup and run system for others