What is Negotiation Configuration in Oracle Sourcing

Using the Negotiations Configuration page administrator can  set and maintain  aspects of  Oracle Sourcing system.

1.Select the default ranking display.
2.Specify visibility in blind auctions or RFQs.
3.Identify allowable cost factor types.
4.Specify default price break types. 
5.Allowing award approval to be required.
6.Define header scoring defaults.  
7.Define the default line attribute group. 
8.Define the default UOM for amount-based line types. 
9.Enforce response levels in multi-round negotiations. 
10.List URLs for supplier discovery.
11.Specify the supplier online window value. 
12.Specify concurrent processing values. 
13.Specify defaulting values for alternate lines. 

Navigation for Negotiation Configuration

Sourcing Super User --->Negotiation Home Page --->Administration --->Negotiation Configuration 

Default ranking display 

The system can rank responses of suppliers participating in an auction or RFQ. Choose Which type of Indicator to be Displayed and Whether the Ranking information should be Visible in Blind  RFQ's and auction's.

Optionally Enable the "Allow negotiation creators to override default setting" to let the negotiation creators to be able to override ranking indicator when creating a negotiation.