Query to Find Request Group and Application of a Concurrent Program

    Below Mentioned Query Will Fetch the associated request group and application name for a concurrent program.

I Have Used 'ECO Open Interface'  as Concurrent Program.

SELECT cpt.user_concurrent_program_name "Concurrent Program Name",
  DECODE(rgu.request_unit_type, 'P', 'Program', 'S', 'Set', rgu.request_unit_type) "Unit Type",
  cp.concurrent_program_name "Concurrent Program Short Name",
  rg.application_id "Application ID",
  rg.request_group_name "Request Group Name",
  fat.application_name "Application Name",
  fa.application_short_name "Application Short Name",
  fa.basepath "Basepath"
FROM fnd_request_groups rg,
  fnd_request_group_units rgu,
  fnd_concurrent_programs cp,
  fnd_concurrent_programs_tl cpt,
  fnd_application fa,
  fnd_application_tl fat
WHERE rg.request_group_id            = rgu.request_group_id
AND rgu.request_unit_id              = cp.concurrent_program_id
AND cp.concurrent_program_id         = cpt.concurrent_program_id
AND rg.application_id                = fat.application_id
AND fa.application_id                = fat.application_id
AND cpt.language                     = USERENV('LANG')
AND fat.language                     = USERENV('LANG')
AND cpt.user_concurrent_program_name = 'ECO Open Interface';