Oracle E Business Suite - Replicate Seed Data

What is Replicate Seed Data ?

   Replicate Seed Data is a Concurrent Program.

What is the Purpose of Replicate Seed Data ?

The purpose of the Replicate Seed Data Concurrent Program is to populate the Installed modules seeded values, so that new organizations can use the seeded data.

Whenever new Organizations are created (under the Multi-org Setup, which is mandatory), running Replicate Seed data is a pre-requisite step before you can start working in the newly created organization.

The Replicate Seed Data Concurrent Program can be run for a particular Operating Unit or for all Operating Units (as it is not mandatory parameter)

The concept of the program is that whenever new organizations are created they should d have seeded data from all relevant modules for normal integration among the modules. The seeded data is basic data needed to perform basic steps when setting up a new organization. 
How to Run the Replicate Seed Data ?

Responsibility : System Administrator

Navigation : Request --> Run 

Select Single Request and Click Ok

Select the Replicate Seed Data From List of Values

Click Submit .

Other Important Points To note While Running Replicate Seed Data:

1. Ensure all Users are Logged Out of System (So that Program Populate the Seeded Values before Transacting in New Org)

2. No Transaction has to be Performed Before Completion of Replicate seed Data.