Oracle iSupplier Advanced Shipment and Billing Notice (ASBN)

What is ASBN ?

   ASBN - Advanced Shipment and Billing Notice, is Created by a Supplier Company to Notify the buying company about Shipment against PO and Billing Informations of the respective Shipment.

What are the advantages of ASBN ?

1.ASBN Provides Visibility of In transit shipments and Billing information against PO.

2. Create Shipment Record.

3.Create AP Invoice by Populating the Billing Information into Invoice Interface and Running Concurrent Program " Payables open interface Import".

What is the Difference Between ASN and ASBN?

 ASN Provides the Details of Shipment Made by Supplier against PO.

ASBN Provides the Details of Shipment along with Billing Information of the Shipment against a PO.

Process Flow in ASBN

Create a PO :


Creating ASBN

Navigation : iSupplier Portal ---> Shipments --->Shipment Notices --->Create Advance Shipment and Billing Notices


Select PO Line and Click add to Shipment Notice

Add Line Details

Click Shipment Header
Enter Shipment Information


Enter Freight Information


Enter Invoice Information (only Differentiator between ASN and ASBN)

If Required Change the Remit to Site Address

Click Submit

Now the Data Would have Got Populated in


Once the Receiving Transaction processor is Run, a Shipment Record is Inserted into 


Parallely Billing Information is Inserted into Invoice Interface Table 


Upon Running the Payables open interface import an AP invoice is Created.
Data is Inserted into Invoice Base Tables.


Important Point for ASBN.

1.Supplier site Cannot be flagged off as Pay on Receipt.

Reason : ASBN will populate the invoice information in Open interface and a AP Invoice (PO Matching) will be Created once the Receiving Transaction Processor and Payables open Interface is Run. if a Supplier site is Flagged as Pay on Receipt, Again the system Would Try to Create a New Invoice upon Creating the Receipt. Hence to Prevent Duplication, ASBN Allows Only PO With Supplier Site without Pay on Receipt Enabled.

Navigation: Purchasing ---> Purchase orders ---> Purchase orders ---> Terms ---> “Pay On” Should be Null


2.Consigned Flag cannot be equal to "Y".

Navigation: Purchasing ---> Purchase orders ---> Purchase orders ---> Shipments

Go to More Tab “Consigned” Flag Should be Null.


        3.The match option cannot be equal to 'R' (Match on Receipt) for any of the Order    Shipments

Navigation: Purchasing ---> Purchase orders ---> Purchase orders ---> Shipments

Go to More Tab “Invoice Match Option” Should Not be Receipt.