Oracle User Creation

Oracle User Creation

Creating New User
Navigation System administrator ---> Security ---> User --->Define

Enter a New User Name: The username should only contain characters allowed by Oracle Single Sign-On.

Set Initial Password for User:
 A password must be at least five characters and can be up to thirty characters.

This window does not display the password we enter. After entering a password, re-enter it to ensure there has not be a typing Error.

The first time an application user signs on, he/she must change the password.

A password is considered hard-to-guess if it follows these rules:
·         The password contains at least one letter and at least one number.
·         The password does not contain the username.
·         The password does not contain repeating characters.

The Status field indicates the status of the user account. This field is display-only and values are generated by the system.

Enter the name of an employee (person), customer, or supplier contact

Enter the email address and/or fax number for this user

Password Expiration:

Days - Enter the maximum number of days between password changes.

Accesses - Enter the maximum allowed number of sign-ons to Oracle 
E-Business Suite allowed between password changes.

The user cannot sign on to Oracle E-Business Suite before the start date or after the end date.

Direct responsibilities are responsibilities assigned to the user directly.
Assign the required responsibility for User. A responsibility is uniquely identified by application name and responsibility name.

Indirect responsibilities are used with Oracle User Management only. A user may "inherit" an indirect responsibility through membership of a group to which the responsibility has been assigned.

Securing attributes are used by some Oracle HTML-based applications to allow rows (records) of data to be visible to specified users or responsibilities based on the specific data (attribute values) contained in the row. 

Related Profile Options

Minimum length of Oracle E-Business Suite user passwords can be restricted by using the profile option “Sign on Password Length”.

If this profile option is left unset, the minimum length defaults to 5.
Profile option “Sign on Password Hard to guess” used to set rules for choosing passwords to ensure that they will be "hard to guess."

Minimum number of days that a user must wait before being allowed to reuse a password can be controlled with “Sign on Password No Reuse” profile option

The “Sign on Password Failure Limit” profile option determines the maximum number of login attempts before the user's account is disabled.