Oracle Locations

Define Locations

Navigation: Human Resources ---> Work Structures --->Location


To set up each physical site where your employees work as a separate location

Types of Locations

Global locations: These are available in all Business Groups.

Business Group locations: These can only be used in one Business Group.
Enter the addresses of external organizations that has to be maintained in system, such as employment agencies, tax authorities, and insurance or benefits carriers.

Locations are shared across Business Groups in HRMS and with two other Oracle applications: Inventory and Purchasing.

Enter the name of the location, and a description if required

Select a address style from the list.

Enter address information

Select a time zone

Shipping Details Tab

Contact: Optional contact name for the location Name.

Ship-To Location: Usually the same as the location Name.

Ship-To Site: Select this option to make the location Name a valid ship-to organization on a purchase order or requisition.

Receiving Site: Select this option to make the location a valid receiving 
Location when creating a receipt or receiving transaction.

Office Site: Select this option to indicate that this location Name is an office site, such as a field office.

Bill-To Site: Select this option to make the location Name a valid bill-to site. The Bill-To Site, which is used by Payable, is specified on a purchase order header.

Internal Site: Select this option to make the location a valid internal ship-to location when creating an internal requisition.

Other Details Tab

Inventory Organization: Select an inventory organization within which this location will be available in the list of values on a Purchasing document. If this is Left Blank, Location is available for all organizations.

EDI Location: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to receive Advance Shipment Notices (ASNs) or ASNs with billing information (ASBNs), enter a defined location. This location should match the ship-to location specified on an ASN or ASBN.

Making Location Inactive:
Making a location inactive prevents users from selecting it.

Enter an inactive date

To delete a location

Delete locations that have not been used.

Query the location to delete

Delete the location.

Save the changes.