Oracle Order Management – Define Document Sequences for Order Numbering

Order Management uses AOL Document Sequence functionality for order numbering. 

Define document sequences that automatically generate numbers for sales documents as we enter them.

We can define a single document sequence to assign unique consecutive numbers to all your sales documents, or We can define multiple document sequences that are assigned to different order types.

Sales document numbers cannot contain alphabetic characters.

Gapless Order Number Source 

Many countries have legal and audit requirements for order numbers to be contiguous.Order Management prevents deletion of orders that have been numbered using the gapless numbering sequence


Manual Order Numbers

Order Management enables us to enter the order numbers for certain types of orders. we can define a document sequence as manual and assign it to a desired order type.Order Management validates that it is unique for a given order type.


Profile Options

 Set the profile option Sequential Numbering to Always Used at appropriate level

 Navigation :Order Management > Setup > Documents > Define.


Enter a Name

Choose the application as Order Management 


Choose Effective From and to Date


Choose type of Document Sequence (Manual,Automatic or Gapless)


Enter the Initial Start Number as Initial Value.      


 Assigning Document Sequence :


For all the transaction types created in Order management, a Document Sequence Category is automatically created.


Navigate to Assign Document Sequence Window




Order Management > Setup > Documents >Assign