Short Notes on AIM and its phases

Oracle Application Implementation Methodology (AIM) comprises of a set of well-defined processes that can be managed in several ways to Guide through an Implementation Project.

Oracle’s AIM is a proven approach for implementing packaged solutions.

AIM provides the tools needed to effectively and efficiently plan, conduct and control project steps to successfully implement business solutions.

AIM splits the project into phases that provide quality and control check points to coordinate activities that have a common goal.

A phase is group of task to organize and schedule deliverables.

A process is a group of dependent task which have major objective. A Task is a unit of Work or a Single Deliverable.

AIM has six phases as follows
1.       Definitions
2.       Operation Analysis
3.       Solution Design
4.       Build
5.       Transition
6.       Production


   This is the first phase where a detailed plan for the project is prepared. It contains reviewing the organization’s business objectives, evaluating the feasibility of meeting the objecting within the constraints Viz Time, Resource, Budget.

Strategies, Objectives and approaches are determined for Each AIM Process.

Operation Analysis

In this phase majorly, Business requirements are analyzed and fit gap analysis are made.

This phase contains
           Developing/Analyzing the Business Requirement.
           Analyze the fit of the business requirement and standard application functionality.
          Solutions are developed for the identified Gaps.

Solution Design

This is the third phase where the detailed designs are prepared to meet the future business requirements. Project team will prepare the process solutions to meet the future requirement, carefully scrutinize these solution and identifies the final approach to address the requirement.


  This phase contains the major process of coding and testing of all customization, if anything has been identified as not available in standard functions. Whole system testing is performed to validate the developed solutions to meet the requirements.
Additionally coding and testing of data conversions and interfaces also carried out in this phase.


    This Phase Consist of deploying the Freezed solutions in organization. Project team will train the users and technical team configures the production environment. Transition ends with the cutover to production and start using new system.


This is the last phase of implementation and the beginning of the system support cycle. Project team will provide support for stabilization and maintain the system for the remaining life cycle period.
Comparison of actual results and project objectives is done and signed off by project and Business team.


I think its good decision of oracle has taken to make an app.Sales and Operation Analysis is the best part of oracle app.