Short Notes Inventory Transactable Date Validation

Inventory Transaction Date Can be Validated/Restricted by Setting up below Profile Option INV: Transaction Date Validation

This Profile Option is Update able at the Site, application and responsibility levels

It Controls the date that we can enter in the following transactions
·         Sales order staging transfer
·         Move order issue
·         Move order sub inventory transfer
·         Account receipt
·         Account alias issue
·         Account alias receipt
·         Internal order staging transfer
·         Cycle count adjustments
·         Physical inventory adjustment
·         Inventory sub inventory transfer
·         Inventory direct organization transfer
·         Miscellaneous issue
·         Miscellaneous receipt
·         Project borrow
·         Project payback
·         Project transfer.

Options available are

1.    Allow Date in any open period -- Allows entry of a past date if it is in an open period.
2.    Do not allow date in past period -- Does not allow entry of a date before the current date
3.    Do not allow past date -- Allows entry of dates in the current period only.
4.    Provide warning when date is in past period -- Allows entry of dates in prior periods after a warning.