Overview on Quality Management and Oracle Quality

Introduction to Quality Management and Oracle Quality

Companies today operate in global markets that demand near-zero defect quality. High quality is required not just in production, but throughout the supply chain. ISO 9000 certification is a minimum requirement. 

Many companies have widespread quality requirements and consequently may have implemented several quality systems to address these requirements.

Oracle Quality is integrated with the Oracle Applications product suite to provide unified quality data definition, data collection, and data management throughout the enterprise and across the supply and distribution networks.
Oracle Quality helps a company achieve consistent quality reporting by providing a central and accessible repository of quality information

ISO 9000 is not industry specific and is not an evaluation of a specific product or service.ISO 9000 requires an organization to  fully document the  business processes that ensure high quality product and service.

Oracle Quality helps organizations to document and track product and process defects, non Conformances problems, and general quality issues. 

Oracle Quality is an integrated quality management application designed to support manufacturers in the pursuit of total quality management (TQM), zero defects, continuous process improvement (CPI), and ISO 9000 certification. 

It is designed to support the diverse data collection needs of discrete, repetitive, assemble-to-order, and batch process manufacturers. Oracle Quality helps you manage and distribute critical quality information throughout an organization.