Promotional Goods Modifier

Buy 1 – Get 1 as Free

Buy Item Toothpaste 100 Grams

Get Item Tooth Brush 1 Each

Steps Involved

1. Create Both Items and Assign it to Respective Organizations
2.Include Both Items in Price List
3.Create Promotional Modifier With List Qualifier.

Include Both Items In Price List

Creating Promotional Modifier.

Enter Header details.

Enter Line Details

Level as Line

Modifier type as PRG

Pricing Phase :List Line adjustment

Product Attribute : Item Number
Product Attribute Value : Buy Item (Here Tooth Paste)

Now Define Offer Details in Define Details Tab.

Here We Need to Enter Details in GET Tabbed Region .

Get price Will Be Defaulted From Price List .

Enter The Qualifier For this Modifier

Run the Concurrent Build Attribute Mapping Rules.