Order Management User Defined Attributes

Oracle Order Management enables to record additional information at order and line levels using user defined attributes .

 These attributes are aggregated in user-defined attribute groups

We must associate attribute groups with a particular business classification, which in the case of Order Management is the predefined classification, ADMIN_DEFINED.

An attribute group can have a maximum of 40 character fields, 20 number fields, and 10 date fields.

However, We can associate as many attribute groups as we want to an UDA page which makes the number of additional attributes to an order or line unlimited.

For each user-defined attribute, we can optionally specify a value set ,with data type and validation rules to be applied when the user inputs data

Multi-row attribute groups enable association of multiple sets of attribute values with the same attribute group

single-row attribute groups allow a single attribute value for the attribute group

We can create attribute pages to capture details of each attribute group

The attribute pages enable Us to view or edit data of attribute groups for a selected object instance based on access permissions .

To create an attribute group and add attributes

Navigation  Setup > Orders > User Defined Attributes

Choose Entity

Click Create

Create a Attribute Group

Here We Define Name , Single Row or Multiple Row Details.

Then Click Apply and Add Attributes .

Add Attribute Name , Value Set , Default Value and Click Apply.

To associate attribute group with a classification

Click On the Association Tab

Click Add Attribute Groups in the Associations page

Clicking Apply adds the attribute groups to the predefined classification, ADMIN_DEFINED.  

To create UDA pages

In the OM UDA Page Setup page under the Page tab .

Click Create Page

Add Attribute Group to Page .

In Sales Order Header , Actions , Select User Defined Attributes

OAF Page Will open.

We Can Add the Values to Attributes .