Implementation Option and Overview Space Management

 Space Assignment

Oracle Property Manager has two system options that affect space assignment functionality:

Automatic Space Distribution
Use SYSDATE to Record each Space Assignment
Use the Space Assignment window to assign, modify, search, and view space assignments

We can assign locations to employees and cost centers

We can query all space assignments for a particular building, floor, office, land, parcel, or section. 

customer space assignment Can be created only thro Lease

 A location is automatically assigned to a customer when you add a location, with a customer, to a revenue lease.

As of Date
When creating a new assignment, the As of Date is the default From date .

Ability to modify space assignments based on an As of Date depends on how the Use SYSDATE to Record Space Assignment system option is set.

If you enter a date, all space assignments active as of the date you entered are displayed .
Oracle Property Manager also keeps track of additional office space information, including:
  • The space available (vacant space) in a building, floor, office, land, parcel, or section on a particular date.
  • The space at any location that is rentable.
  • The space at any location that is usable.
  • The space at any location that is assignable.
  • The occupancy level at the building, floor, or office level, and the land, parcel, or section level.