Define Buildings -Oracle Property Management

Defining Buildings


Property manager → Property Definition → Building

If you navigate to the Buildings window by choosing New Building on the Properties window, Oracle Property Manager sets the Operating Unit, Property Name, Tenure, and Country fields automatically. All these fields, except Tenure, are read-only.

Enter Unique Name and Code for Building

Create an alias for the building .
The building alias that you create will become the first element of thelocation code
If you set up floors and offices, their aliases will become the second and third elements of the location code.

The following tables show how you can use a combination of abbreviations, and floor and office numbers to create your aliases

Name Alias Location Code
Building CHN IT PARK I Building I Building I
Floor 1st Floor 1 Building I-1
office CHN Techno Soft CTS Building I-1-CTS

In the Area Tabbed Region Enter UOM and Gross Measurement of the Building

In the Occupancy tabbed region

Status: Specify whether the building is classified as occupiable for reporting purposes

Disposition: Specify why the building is non-occupiable
Accounting Treatment: Specify the financial status of the building.

The Employee Assignable, Cost Center Assignable, and Customer Assignable fields control whether you can make assignments to the location.

In the Features tabbed region, enter the type, description, and condition of each building feature.

    • Type: This is a description of how the building will be used, for example, Retail Shop.
    • Description: Enter a description of the building, for example, the name of the restaurant.
    • Condition: Enter the condition of the building, for example, Excellent, Fair, or Poor.

In the Contacts tabbed region, enter the type (role), company name, and site of each contact.
    • Type: Enter the role of the contact, for example, facilities manager or landlord.
    • Company Name: Enter the name of the contact's company.
    • Company Site: Enter the location of the contact's place of business.