AME Attributes

AME Attributes

Attributes are business variables with a single value for a particular transaction.

Approval rules use the attributes to determine the outcome such as a value for the
transaction's total amount or a value for the percentage of discount.

 Attributes have an item class such as Header, Line Item, Cost Center, and Project Code.


An attribute use tells AME how to get the attribute's value for a given item and
transaction, in a given transaction type.

Every transaction type can define its own use
for a given attribute

Attribute use can be of two types 1.Static and 2.Dynamic

A static use specifies a fixed value for the attribute, for all items and transactions

A dynamic use specifies an SQL query that AME executes at run time to fetch the
attribute's value for each item in the attribute's item class, for a given transaction.

Attribute Types

An attribute type indicates the data type of the attribute's values. 

An attribute's type isalways the same, regardless of the transaction type. 

We cannot change the attribute's type after you create the attribute name. 

Attribute Types are 

• Boolean
• Number
• String
• Date
• Currency