Setting Up AME Security for Role Bases access Control User Access

Access Model has Five Predefined Roles.

• Approvals Management Administrator

• Approvals Management Analyst

• Approvals Management System Viewer

• Approvals Management System Administrator

• Approvals Management Process Owner

            Each of the five predefined roles has a specific set of functional grants. The grants provide users access to AME. 

                To enable functional grants, you must assign roles to users using the User Management page.

Assigning Roles to Users.

 Select the User Management responsibility

Select the Users page

Search for the user to whom you wish to grant AME roles

Click on Assign Roles and Select Appropriate Required Roles  .

Provide Justification and Click on Apply and Save.

Grant User Data Access

Choose Functional Administrator Responsibility.

Select the Grants tab.

Select Create Grants.

Enters a Grant Name  . Choose Grantee type as Specific User and Grantee As USER Name for Which the Grants to be Given.

  Click Next 

Select Appropriate Data Context Type.

Click Next 

Select Permission Set That Defines grantee's Access.

Click Next Review and Finish.