Item Orderability

Item Orderability

         This is new feature introduced in Oracle R12.1.1.This is rule that user can define to restrict the items that can be ordered from the Sales Order form. 

       For example, you may want to take an order only for a set of products for Customer A, which may not be applicable to Customer B. In addition, orderable products are useful for business flows such as private labeling, franchises, licensing / certification, product suitability etc.

       The Ordered Item List of Values (LOV) is populated by listing all the items available in the item validation organization of the current operating unit.

Item Orderability rules are defined at Operating Unit Level.

The Item Category and Items LOV are always displayed based on the Master Organization or the Item Validation Organization attached to the operating unit

Profile Option and application

         If the value of the profile option OM: Use Materialized View for Items LoV (Honours Item Orderability Rules) is set to No, then the Ordered Items LOV lists all the items of the item validation organization of the current operating unit. 

          This doesn’t consider the defined item orderability rules, however if there is a defined rule that prevents the item from being ordered, then an error message is displayed during the saving of the order. You will not be able to save the order.

                If the value of the profile option OM: Use Materialized View for Items LOV (Honours Item Orderability Rules) is set to Yes, then the Ordered Item LOV displays only those items which are based on the rules defined. The Ordered Item LOV is then dynamically populated based on Item Orderability Rules and the current attribute values on the line.

         The rules state that an item or item category will be generally available (if the Generally Available box is selected) except for the conditions set up at the Rule Level. The conditions are based on the following line attributes:
  • Customer
  • Customer Class
  • Customer Category
  • Region
  • Order Type
  • Ship To
  • Bill To
  • Deliver To
  • Sales Channel
  • Sales Representative
  • End Customer

Setting Up Item Orderability Rules

Navigation: Setup > Rules > Item Orderability.

Sample Scenario:

Item :CM-CRS-SD5

Should Not be Orderable for Customer A.C. Networks

When OM: Use Materialized View for Items LOV is No

Item Order-ability Rule:

Sale Order Creation Which Has Item On LOV , But Prevents the Saving of Order With Error Note.

If the Profile Option OM: Use Materialized View for Items LOV is Yes , Ordered Item LOV Wont List the Item Which We Specified in Rule.


Refresh OM Materialized Views periodically

This Concurrent Refreshes the materialized view OE_ITEMS_MV

       If  any data is Changed in Inventory, it is advisable to run this concurrent program so that the data in Inventory and Order Management stay synchronized.


           The Item Orderability Rules Listing Report lists item orderability rules based on different user inputs like Item Level, Item, Item category and enabled flag.

           Item Orderability Rules in Order Management are applicable to all orders accepted in Order Management. Hence, orders coming from other order capturing applications such as Quoting, iStore or third party applications will not be accepted in Order Management if the incoming orders do not comply with item orderability rules.