Oracle R12 Sales Orders


The Sales Orders window offers a convenient and quick entry point for creating and editing order information as well as viewing summary information from other subsystems such as Shipping, Receivables, and Purchasing, as well as the status of orders.

Oracle Order Management designed a mechanism called the Process Order API that performs a consistent validation of data manipulation (i.e. changes, deletions etc.) on the Sales Order attributes. This provides a consistent, secure, and valid means for managing sales orders.

Required Setup

Order Header/Line Workflow Processes

Order Management comes with seeded Workflow processes .

Transaction Types

Both order and line transaction types need to be setup in order for an order to process from entry to invoicing

When setting up order types, assign order header and line workflows to the order type

Since each line can go through its own flow process, each line needs to have its own workflow process.

Line level workflow processes are assigned based on the order type, line type, and item type combination

Document Sequence

The document sequence functionality is for numbering orders

Same sequence can then be assigned to all order type

Processing Constraints

Order Management ships with seeded constraints that prevent data integrity problems

Scheduling Activity

The Schedule function can be performed anywhere in a process flow according to business needs

The profile option OM: Autoschedule should be set to Yes.

 Or the user can schedule manually directly from the sales orders window

Master Items

A standard, finished good item should be defined in the Inventory module, with attributes set appropriately

The key attributes that control the processing of a finished good item are on the Order Management tab in the Master Item setup window. The flag Shippable and Transactable should be selected

Item Quantity On-Hand

In order to ship an item, there must be sufficient quantity available

Price List Setup

To price the new item when entering the ordered item on the order, the user should add the new item to a price list. The item is added to a price list via the Price List Setup window: Pricing > Lists > Price Lists Setup