Oracle R12 Order Management Back to Back Order

Back to Back Order

Item Should Be (Item Attributes)
1.BOM Allowed
4.Default Buyer
6.List Price

Create SO:

Book the Order

Status Will be Supply Eligible

Right Click and Select Progress Order

Status Will Become

External Req Requested

Go to Requests:Requisition Import

Provide Parametres

Import source :Configure To Order
Group By:All

Submit to Run Concurrent.
1.Requisition Import
2.Create Releases

Go to Requisition Summary

Auto Create Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order.

Sale Order Status Will Be External Req Open

Approve the PO:

Sale Order Status Will be PO Open

Do Receipt the Material

ON Hand Availability Is Increased

Status of the Sale order is Automatically changed as Awaiting Shipping

Shipping :

Go to Release Order for Picking >

Click On Concurrent

Pick Selection List Generation –Concurrent will be Running

Go to Shipping Transactions:
Find the Shipping Transaction for Sale Order.

Line Status Will Be :
Released to Warehouse

Next Step Will be
Transact Move Order

Now Transact Move Order (Generally a Stores or a Yard Guy in Inventory )

Transaction Type :Sale Order Pick
Line Status:Pre Approved

When Lot Enabled First Allocate only Gets Enabled

Again Go to Shipping Transactions

Now the Line Status is Staged/Pick Confirmed

Next Step is Ship Confirm/Close Trip Stop

Go to Delivery Tab

Click on Ship Confirm

Provide Shipping Method and Rule .

Now the Delivery Status Will be Close

Run Concurrent Work Flow Back Ground Process

Then Go to Accounts Receivable Responsibility to Create a AR Invoice

Run Concurrent Autoinvoice Master Program

Parametres to be Given

Invoice Source --- Given in Order Type Finance Tab (Created by AR Team in AR Responsibility )

Another Concurrent Will be Triggered Automatically by Auto invoice Master Program Called
Auto invoice Import Program